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My 10 Ideas

Our task this week was to compile a list of 10 ideas that relate to the theme of ‘Things we Forgot to Remember’. As thinking of film ideas isn’t one of my strongest points, I tried to use the approaches … Continue reading

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Three Ideas

Coming away from our first lecture back after Christmas, I couldn’t help but feel uninspired and disappointed at the second half of the 260MC module. After repeatedly being told all the way through last year that you will never come … Continue reading

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Red Shoes Cinematography

Jack Cardiff is a very skilled Director of Photography who has worked on over 70 films. His profound work is very influential and has given him the chance to work with film makers such as Hitchcock and and Michael Powell. … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of a Canon 60D

The first obvious difference of DSLR’s and a typical video camera such as a Sony Z5 is the size difference. One does not have to struggle to return the equipment to the loan shop when returning a 60D and neither … Continue reading

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