Coombe Abbey with 5D

Today, and most of the week actually I was meant to be on a shoot producing promo videos for two different companies. I had booked out all the equipment for the week in order for me to do this and typically, they both cancelled on me. This left me with a couple of days where I had equipment and nothing to do and a 5D in my company, which I had never got round to using before.

I already own a Canon 600D which I am now pretty comfortable with and wanted to use a 5D to not only feel comfortable with it, but to also work on some composition in a location and scenario where I had never taken pictures before.

I spent the day in Coombe Abbey, somewhere I had never been before. It had a grand house surrounded by lots of land with a lake and lots of birds. I had never photographed anything like this before so I delved in with the camera and took some shots that I am pleased with.

However, some of my images are ruined and that is because I didn’t check the kit properly after booking it out at the Loan Shop. It’s not that noticeable on all, but on some of the images there is a black mark where there must be something on the sensor. This made me quite glad that the companies that cancelled on us did, otherwise their promo videos would have had a black mark on everything, and that wouldn’t have been good for us or them!

IMG_0637 IMG_0629

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