Admin Business Solutions- Day 1 Meeting

Today I have come back from a meeting with a company called Admin Business Solutions who myself and two other media production students hope to make a promotional video for.

Although I still feel hopeful for next week, our meeting probably didn’t go as well as it should have.

We turned up on time and with an open minded attitude. We were unsure of what the company actually did  and I personally got more and more confused trying to understand through their website. (Turns out they are a company who organise fleets of cars with their insurance, MOT’s and Tax).

There was two of the managers in the office with us, and it was quite a daunting experience that we had not came prepared for, although neither had they. I think we were both sitting there making idle chit chat because we weren’t sure what to talk about or if we had anything to talk about. I personally hadn’t done any preparation, no research, no possible ideas because I was under the impression that the company were going to come to us with ideas to see if we would be able to do them. That really was not the case as I think they expected all that from us.

Despite this we spoke about possible lengths of the video with them wanting it to be no longer than three minutes, we had already constructed a basic brief. We had a tour of the offices to try and find some inspiration as to what we could film, but there really wasn’t much. All there was to see was desks, computers, filing cabinets and people sitting at the desks.

Coming away, we decided that we would go through with the filming but we would have to put some research in before we go back with possible ideas. With none of us ever doing something like this before we had to make sure we were prepared and that the video we were going to produce would help the company in the way they want it to.

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