Fine Artists- Day Three

Today I filmed and edited another video for the same two Fine Art students. They are still trying to take on the style of Gilbert and George in their pieces and are still doing performance pieces. This time, they walked in a garden together (naked, again) and sloshed white paint over each other.

This was quite a simple concept for me to execute with the camera, using outside lighting and just having to set the camera up so the video looked visually appealing, there wasn’t much else to it technicality wise. However, I felt that spending time with the artists on this shoot and talking to them about all their ideas and meaning between this particular video was very interesting. It definitely had made me engaging in their works in a different light to the last shoot and will help me to think of my own work ideas more in depth and metaphorically in the future. I had thought that they were posing naked just because they could but they had actually thought about why they should be naked in the shoots and what different impact it makes on their work. For example, the meaning behind this particular video was to do with the losing of your identity and the escapism of becoming a new being.

I think the fact that the second time round didn’t feel anywhere near as much of a task for me as the first time as it did filming for them was good- not just because I didn’t really have to set up much, but I didn’t feel as nervous to hear the reaction of how I had framed the video, how I had editied the sound afterwards to enhance the fact that they were outside and the slightest colour correcting that I had to do.

Again, they were happy with the results which made me happy. Another job where I completely under estimated my abilities and came out with a decent document of their performance piece.

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