HDR Photography- Shooting & Editing

Today I went on a shoot to get a number of HDR images. I took lots of pictures as you can imagine, some haven’t come out so well. Well, most of them didn’t come out how I had expected until I edited them slightly. I felt as though I was cheating when darkening the shadows in Photoshop to give the images more depth and detail. However, not only has this taught me that next time I will need to make sure I take pictures with a darker exposure, but doesn’t everyone edit their pictures?

I made sure I used a tripod and kept the camera as still as possible when taking the pictures. With the pictures I was taking I tried to get the sky in as much as I could. However, when taking the pictures the sky just seemed so flat. I hoped that editing them to HDR would make the clouds stand out more, but that wasn’t necessarily the case.


When on shoot I felt that I couldn’t learn much or even tell what the pictures would be like until it got to the editing stage. It was like a guessing game, trying to imagine what the pictures would come out like before I had even edited them together. I had seen so many amazing examples online whilst I had been on my search for new techniques and I was a little bit gutted when mine didn’t turn out like I had hoped.

Untitled_HDR2 HDR 2

Although, I shouldn’t be gutted that they didn’t all come out like I had hoped for. Something that I have always had to remind myself is that learning something new isn’t about getting it perfect straight away; it’s about knowing what you did right and wrong to improve on next time. I will admit that I am one of those people that will learn something, do it the first time and expect it to be perfect. That’s never going to happen and I shouldn’t want for that to happen if I want to learn as much as I can.

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