HDR Photography Research – Day One

I was after a way of improving my photography skills. I just about have grasped the basics and I can comfortably take a picture with a good composition, most of the time anyway. I wanted to try something new and I wasn’t sure what, so I simply types into Google ‘Photography techniques’. I spent ages trawling through all different pages and finding amazing photographs with short tutorials on how to accomplish them. My only problem was that I couldn’t spend hundreds on a new lens when I came across the macro photography (even though I would have loved one), I couldn’t really afford to buy any new equipment because of the poor student that I am. So in some sense that narrowed my search down instantly.

I came across some wonderful ideas from smoke art, high speed photography to architecture. However, I didn’t feel that I could class smoke photography as a days work and there isn’t really that much interesting architecture in Coventry. After scrolling and scrolling through I came across HDR photography which stands for High Dynamic Range.

The method was simple, to choose a static subject and take at least three photos all with different exposures. The first should be really over exposed as to only pick up the darkness and shadows. The ones following should get continually darker until the darkest has nothing over exposed and picks up all the detail of the photograph. It sound very simple, but it took me a long while and reading through a number of different website to understand how this actually works and how it enhances the photograph.

These are then put into Photoshop to merge together into a HDR image.

They say that the subject should be static, but there is many pictures online of fireworks in a HDR image. I ideally will only try static subjects for my shoot that I have planned for tomorrow. As a beginner I think it will be hard for me to imagine what the pictures will be like as you don’t see the real result until you get home and edit them all. If I have a good subject and composition then I don’t see that I will have many problems with them.

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