Fine Artists- Day Two

The Fine Art Students and myself sat down and edited through the video I filmed of them dressing each other in suits. The editing itself wasn’t very difficult as what they wanted was very simple. However, hearing them trying to explain what they wanted we agreed was quite comical as they struggled to explain how they wanted it to look. In the end we worked out that they wanted the video reversed so it would look as though they were undressing each other with a song Psy song played over the top and  sped up to fit in with the music. As I said, it was a simple task but still one that I still found daunting. Because they knew what they wanted but didn’t know how to use any editing software to do it themselves, they were wholly relying on me to get the look that they so desired. No colour correcting was done. I did try and show them how much better it looks when editing the colours and I was surprised as they are both artists when they said they didn’t want to colour correct too much and were happy with it how it was. This experience although may seem like a simple one still helped me to build up my professional mannerism when put in uncomfortable situations and with unconventional subjects. I was given a brief which I had to fulfill to the best of my achievement and I believe I managed to do this well. The artists are both happy with the work and I am happy with them asking me to do this for them and what I have learnt from it.

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