Fine Artists- Day One

I was contacted by two fine art students to photography and video a performance for them for their module work but also in the hope they would be able to take the style to better heights. They are trying to take on the style of Gilbert & George, two ‘living sculture’ artists who feature a lot in their own videos and work.

They explained to me what it was they were hoping to achieve from the pictures and I was slightly shocked when they said they wanted some nude, including a video. At first this made me quite hesitant to participate in the making of their videos, not because it disgusted me as nude images are used a lot within art, but because I thought it would be an awkward position to put myself in.

Today I filmed the video and took some pictures. It was my first time having to set up lighting on my own that was acceptable for a photoshoot. We had to do the shoot in one of their bedrooms. I did think about renting one of the photography rooms at uni, but thought with the nature of it, it may have been a bit inappropriate should anyone walk in the room.

I set up the typical three point lighting, which was a bit of a struggle for me for some reason. I think it was because we were in a small room and had to work against a flat white wall. I found myself reflecting light off the ceiling to get the right image that they wanted for their work. This was probably one of the only shoots where I had been completely on my own without another ‘media minded’ person around me to give me a hand or guide me in the right direction when things went wrong (such as struggling with the lights).

Something that I did think I would struggle with was keeping a professional manner when filming them naked. They weren’t doing anything inappropriate whilst naked, but I think that it’s a bit controversial for a girl to be filming and taking pictures of naked men. It would have been so easy for me to burst out laughing every five minutes between pictures or laugh all the day through their video where they got each other dressed into suits, but that would have wasted all of our times, made the shoot longer than it should have been and caused frustration within the room having to keep re shooting things.

Producing work that had to be up to the standard that they had already set for me was quite challenging as someone who has never been confident in their own work/ working on their own. I think from this experience I can take away the fact that I now feel as though I can do things on my own and that I shouldn’t doubt myself as much as I do.


IMG_0690 IMG_0675 IMG_0673

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