Future Development Plan

Now that I have managed to exhibit my work within a small exhibition space, the next step is to create a future plan for where I want the work to go.

With my work being a video art installation that I purposely haven’t pigeon holed to a particular audience is something that may benefit me if I were to apply to gallery spaces to have my work. Even though you may automatically think that my work’s target audience would be the sixteen to twenty one year old’s, this isn’t necessarily the case, as women and older generations would be interested in how young males today view themselves and their bodies.

So far on my video art journey I have conducted surveys, created a small focus group, ran a test shoot to abolish any problems I would have at later stages in filming and exhibited in a small space, which I think is pretty good going. However, that’s not to say that there isn’t any room for improvements which would further develop and benefit my work before it can reach a wider audience.

Although I am happy with my work at this stage, I think exhibiting it to bigger but still local galleries can only be a favourable decision on my behalf. However, this would mean that I would take the work I have created for this module as a prototype, and something that still has a lot of room for improvement, development and something which can make a bigger impact on it’s audience.

By developing my work more, I would be sure to conduct primary research that is beyond free online surveys, reaching out to hundreds of males of all different age groups to either use the results to influence my work like I have done, or use the results for further development.

I would gather together a focus group of artists and people with no interest in art. Even though the artists would be a great help to me, giving me technical, creative and expert advice, gaining feedback from others who maybe have no interest in art, or even males who wouldn’t be willing to put themselves in the position that the subjects in my film have. Gathering as many different types of opinions from different tastes, demographics, ages and individuals as possible will never be something that would be of no help.

Using smaller galleries to exhibit future work isn’t to use as a safe option, but more to test the water before possibly making a fool of myself and throwing myself into the deep end in more popular galleries. The Mac gallery in Birmingham would be a good place to end up eventually, as they have a cinema attached. Their statement about themselves on their website is “mac birmingham exists to bring innovative, creative arts activities into the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, year after year.” (Mac Birmingham: 2014) They obviously support people who are willing to bring risky and new ideas to the table and wanting to exhibit their works to thousands of people. Although the gallery is in Birmingham, and still quite local, it’s a much bigger city and tourist attraction than Coventry, which would bring in the right audience and a much wider viewing spectrum.

Looking through online competitions for young artists at this moment in time, I actually came across a competition that the Mac in Birmingham are holding (after writing the above paragraph.) They want artists who question or interpret stereotypes, gender roles and attitudes towards sexuality between the ages of sixteen and thirty to enter. The winners will have their work showcased at the gallery. Not only does my work conform to these themes that they encourage people to enter their work with, but it is a way that a new, innovative and unknown artist could get the great oppurtunity to get work showcased and taken seriously. The deadline is 24th of March and it will most definitely be something I will enter- worth a try!

In brief conclusion, my plans ahead for my project are to:

  • Gather more in depth questionnaire answers about male self confidence but also audience feedback or my prototype.
  • Ask for more participants of a more ranged age and sexualities, in order to develop my idea more into a comparative study of ages and demographics.
  • Exhibit my installation again in another local exhibition.
  • Go further afield and try to get my work recognised by the mac in Birmingham.
  • Make sure the right people view my work.
  • Continue to produce innovative video art with strong subjects that aren’t touched upon to continue to peacefully put across messages in my artwork that I want everyone to know.
  • Enter the Ideas Tap competition.


Mac Birmingham  (2014) mac Birmingham: Support mac [online] available from <http://macbirmingham.co.uk/support/&gt; [20 March 2014]

Ideas Tap (2014) Side View: Exhibition Oppurtunity [online] available from <http://www.ideastap.com/Opportunities/Brief/Side-View–Exhibition-Opportunity-240314#Overview&gt; [20 March 2014]

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