Evaluation of Androcentrism

Working within this brief I surprised myself at not only how I began to motivate myself throughout a module that I hated at the beginning but also an ability which I didn’t think I had to go through a whole process on my own from thinking creatively about an idea, researching, filming, editing and exhibiting. Throughout this whole process I have tried to bring to light the fact that males have insecurities too, which is just as acceptable to talk about as women’s and more interesting because of the low key of the subject. However, when starting an evaluation of my own work and showing that I’m not confident in it probably isn’t the best place to start…
Anyway, as my film is only a couple of minutes long I feel like there could be so much room for improvement. Firstly, most video art installations that I have seen are in excess of over ten minutes. My subject matter is probably something where I could make the duration as short or as long as I wanted, bringing in more subjects if i felt necessary (which I do at this stage). I feel that the video is hugely over powered by talk of physical insecurity, but when looking at my survey results this isn’t something that I would have expected in the pre-production stages.

One of my main criticisms and worries about my work is that the audience may at first think that I am taking a feminist approach on how females are represented as sexual objects and trying to flip this around to men in a different approach. However, I think that my intentional uncomfortable viewing style is one that could put people off feeling this towards the work. This is a part of the process that I am most pleased with- how I went from not having a clue what I would do with such boring footage but then with some research and development I edited something together which is different, still with a clean and crisp image that I desired and an innovative idea that I never thought I would be able to think of when starting the 260 module.

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