Shy Boys IRL- ‘Androcentrism Research’

The short documentary ‘Shy Boys: IRL’ covers the beliefs of the online male forum community of, who consider themselves to have an affliction that means they cannot interact properly with women which results in them not being able to have relationships with women and often die virgins.

With a look into the documentary, it seems that some of the interviewees are so immersed in the fact that they believe they have this condition, they are letting it have a rule over their lives. In my opinion they aren’t able to put their individual situations into perspective. ¬†Naming themselves as ‘Involuntary Celibates’ must have more of a knock on their confidence than they think it does, with them no longer feeling as if they have to bother with women because they are never going to impress, or find a women that will be interested in them. They claim to show constant interest in women who only knock them back and reject them, but if they sit on an online forum immersing themselves with talk with other men with the same ‘Involuntary Celibate’ problem, are they not putting themselves in these rejection situations before they have even happened?

However much you find yourself feeling pity for the individuals that speak so openly and sometimes in annoyance about their condition, I couldn’t help but look a bit deeper into their situations. It seems that they are so sick of being rejected that they no longer care what women will show the slightest bit of interest in them, but instead they would rather just sleep with anyone who will. Their copious amounts of self esteem issues that they show throughout the video helps greatly with my research with how males think of themselves.

Although they all seem to be confident in other parts of their lives, the extent to which they worry about having no female attention is quiet surreal. Everybody has their own problems and wishes, and from my own questionnaire research it became clear that many of the men that answered wanted to be better off materialistically, with having eternal money and owning nice cars and houses, but in this documentary it has shown another light to the male mind, that how much of a knock back it can give men if they don’t get the attention from females that they so wish to. It would be interesting to know if there is such a site for females who yearn male attention in the way that these people do.


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