Exhibiting Androcentrism

IMG_8163 IMG_8159 IMG_8161IMG_8165

After completing the final edit of Androcentrism, I managed to find a small space in which to exhibit it. I thought it was important to show my work within an exhibition with people showcasing other artworks to enable me to gain feedback to make sure that I was answering the right questions and I’d achieved what I set out to do.

I chose to stick with my original idea- projecting as largely as I could onto a plain white wall in order to give back power to the males who are exposing their bodies and insecurities. Within the exhibition there was a diverse range of works from sculptures, paintings, photography and technical drawings. I felt this an ideal place to be my first exhibit space of my work because of the diversity and not having as much pressure upon me with other works that were similar to mine.

A technical problem which I had to over come when setting up for the exhibition was that I couldn’t get the sound of my video to project from the speakers that I had. After a while of struggle, I decided that maybe playing the sound wasn’t such a bad thing, as in the small space it would over power other peoples work, and didn’t leave a lot to the imagination. This meant that I left the film silent, but wouldn’t necessarily be something that I would do in the future if I were to exhibit anywhere else.

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