Editing Process of Androcentrism

Once I was happy with the footage I had gathered for my video art piece,it was on to the editing. When looking back through my footage on Premiere Pro, it all seemed quite mundane and I couldn’t think to use the imagery in a creative way. It seemed as though I had taken too much time into thinking about how I would film the video and it’s content rather than how I would edit it and round it off into a really interesting piece.

I looked through some of the artists that I had taken note of and researched who work with similar themes to do with body image and representation. Yoko Ono was an artist that I remembered well and felt inspired by her work. After only a couple of minutes looking through her video art pieces, I found a work of hers called ‘Fly’ (1971) which


shows multiple flies walking around and exploring a naked woman’s body to celebrate the human body.

I thought of a way where I could incorporate this into my work, thinking about how the fly represents me as an artist touching upon new ground, learning in a research process how males think of themselves and afraid to be too avant-garde for someone who has never looked at video art before. I also imagined the fly being a key part in my video because as stated before with the fly in Ono’s video is to celebrate the human form, and I am doing similar in my video- trying to make men feel better about their insecurities in an experimental way.

Once I had an editing process and style in my mind it was easy for me to carry on with the rest of the task in a way I knew I would be comfortable with doing.

From finding a small clip on YouTube, I layered the video and it’s sound on top of my clips, using different opacities, scaling and layering effects to make the video more visually appealing but also slightly uncomfortable to watch. The sound was full of base which added to the discomfort when playing loudly and it hitting through you’re chest as though you are hollow.

At the end of this process, I was very happy with how it turned out, going from having no clue as to how I would present my work to having something finialised that I was happy with. Some may argue that my work no longer has an innovative stamp on it because I have used someone else’s style and work within my own. However, I’ve put a modern and contemporary twist on a fourty year old video and by questioning current low self esteem within men.

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