Survey Results

Collecting my research from my online survey, I feel it has taught me a lot. I managed to gain 42 responses, which considering I posted onto popular mens online forums such as Mens Health and All Things Male, I don’t feel like this is an adequate amount of results, however it is more that I had expected I would get.

From my survey, I wanted to find a comparison between the different age groups that took my survey, the sexualities and also their mental thoughts on themselves. So, this means that looking at the chart results generated by Survey Monkey may give me an overall idea on the answers of my questions,

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 22.55.54 Here, there is noticeably an extremely unbalanced result of age ranges that responded to my questionnaire. This surprised me because of the audience of the sites that I posted this on, as well as the people I was aware that answered from my Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 22.56.07

I felt like this was an important question to include within my survey because whilst using the results as a comparative study, I felt that I didn’t just want to ask straight people, or not make it obvious that I was interested in the way that people of different sexual orientation think about themselves.

Seeing as my focus on this survey was to have a comparative look upon the results, these charts for the rest of the results seemed irrelevant, and lead me to do some of my own maths to see if there was an interesting pattern in the results that I gained.

Going through each response individually and looking at the questions which I thought were the most important and gained the most interesting responses, I found five to be void, because they either gave very strange and inappropriate answers (that had no help to my survey in the slightest) or may aswell have not taken the survey, answering almost everything with “Prefer Not to Say”. All five of the void questionnaires became so at the same point in the survey, all answering the open question “If you had one wish what would it be?” with their own interpretation. Although at first I felt disappointed that people hadn’t taken my survey seriously, it showed that maybe men don’t care about the subject as much as they should. The screenshots from the questionnaire below show the more unhelpful answers, to the more inappropriate and maybe…niche?

#37 reponse

#10 response

Looking firstly at the results in the different age ranges, 16-21 is the one with the most responses, and I feel as though it will be able to tell me the most. This age range had the most voids from all of them, with two. Although this would instantly make me think that this is the age range that mustn’t care about the subject, I did get 19 responses which is the most from any other age group.
There was one result which really stood out to me, where someone said they used over seven male beauty products in a day. This was the only one in the 16-21 range that used this many, with 8 saying they used 1-2, 7 saying they used 3-4, 2 saying they used 5-6 and only one saying they didn’t use any. From this person who used over 7 male beauty products, it wasn’t a surprise that they had a physical insecurity which they wouldn’t be comfortable exposing to the world. This lead me to think that maybe people who use the most beauty products have the most physical insecurities that they try to hide or minimise with such beauty products. And looking through the results, I was right.
From looking at all of the age ranges, apart from 2 individuals, everyone that used over three male beauty products had a physical insecurity. This makes me think whether male’s unconciously use these products in the hope that they will somehow better their insecurities. The age range that used the most beauty products was 16-21 year olds, which shows from my own results that these are the most insecure ages that took their test.
Something my mother has alawys told me from my own insecurities is that when you get older, you tend not to care about the things that bother you anymore, as you’re not surrounded by people who are out to impress the older you get, and you learn to grow into, and get used tobeing in your own skin. This is reflected within my results too, as I get the feeling straight away that the older ages (22-30 and 41+) tend not to bother filling in my questionnaire. However, the ones that did didn’t really give me much to come away with  and think about with their results. The only 41+ that filled it in was a void, and out of the four 31-40’s that filled it out, one was also a void. Looking at the other three results, they all had different results in terms of what they were insecure about. One wasn’t insecure about anything, another was insecure about everything and the other was only insecure about something physical and would not be happy exposing their insecurity. They did all use the same amount of beauty products (1-2).

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