Alienation- Day Two

The last ten hours were quite intense. Everyone was lacking on sleep and even though I found myself still quite motivated for the first five hours, I felt as though I was running out of things to film and take pictures of. There was only so many shots of them all on the production line I could get, only so many shots of their faces looking very tired and non respondent, only so many shots I could get of the shredder destroying all the posters they had made that weren’t up to standard.

Throughout this period nothing really seemed to be changing, everyone was behaving themselves, nobody was getting punished and there was no longer many visitors coming to watch them because of the time of night.

However, throughout the last five hours of my shift things started to change. With the major sleep deprivation came the naughtiness and wrongdoings. People were flicking paint at each other and all over the posters in the hope that the boss would not see, they started dancing to the repetitive music in the background which was against their rule, they ripped overalls, they laughed, they spoke and they communicated with each other. This left them being punished, which meant some weren’t allowed their items for the hour whilst others had to stand on a podium in front of their colleagues for half an hour.

Trying to get these events as they happened was quite a struggle, but I think that I adapted to the situations well. I tried to be there as quickly as I could but it was often typical that I was busy sorting out a camera that had ran out of memory as the interesting things started to happen.

The last two hours turned very interesting when two of the workers decided that they would go on a strike. They didn’t work and made a banner to drape across the gallery. Documenting this was quite hard as it turned into a big debate between everyone as to whether or not they should be striking or not. The footage that I got wasn’t amazing, however cut with the other three cameras that were running the entire time, there is definitely something useable in there.

After the experience I feel that it has developed me well. I have now filmed for a live art performance piece. I had to be quick and responsive  to the events that were going on, yet still find interesting shots in a small space that I had been in for just over twenty hours. The event was very repetitive but I still had to react to this in the same way that I did when interesting things were happening. I tried to get a good amount of footage and create a narrative within what I was filming especially each hour filming everyone getting back to work, getting to their seats, getting paid their items and the destroying of the posters that weren’t good enough. It was really a valuable experience and even though I was quite sleep deprived (which I should have included in a risk assessment, but didn’t) I was very pleased with the work that I came out with.

le IMG_1337

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