Waterloo Film Studios- Day Ten

My last day at the studios was today and I really am gutted to have left. I have had such a good time there, even though some days weren’t full of things to do I still really enjoyed being there.

I got in today and had to help paint another studio ready for filming at the weekend. This didn’t take very long at all and within an hour or two I was on set with Spectrecom Films in one of the studios who were filming an advert for a lighting company. I must admit, I pretty much did nothing. I helped set a few things up, I cleaned a few lights so they looked perfect for the camera and I moved a few things around but throughout the whole day I really didn’t do much. For me, it was another case of having to film the boring stuff that makes you exciting for filming what’s fun.

Even though I was pretty bored on this shoot, I couldn’t let it be known to the clients that I found their shoot boring- how awful would that have looked on not only me but also the studios and Spectrecom! I tried to keep engaged as much as I could and was constantly comparing what the screen from the camera looked like in relation to real life. It was crazy how many really bright lights and white sheets and reflectors and poly boards they had put up to make the shot absolutely perfect, you would never believe the great deal of effort went into the set up from what you saw on camera. It was such a natural and effortless looking shot that was in fact the opposite and needed a lot of attention.

I was sat in the studio right up until around 4.30 when I was asked to go and pick something up from one of the rental companies. I was given an oyster card, a map and a post code like normal and off I went on my travels.

I arrived at the address I was given and I found myself standing outside a street full of family homes. This definitely wasn’t a rental company place and had to ring back to the studios a good couple of times before someone answered and I could be given the right instructions. Well, I say the right instructions, I was out for another hour, followed their instructions exactly and I still couldn’t find the place. After my phone dying and the rain drenching me right through, I knocked on a couple of office doors to see if they knew the place I was talking about, but no one had heard of it. I was completely stuck and didn’t know what to do. I wanted to have a look round for this company but as no one had heard of it, it obviously wasn’t close by. I was already late going home which didn’t bother me as I was late home pretty much every day, but I didn’t want to be irresponsible of myself and be gallivanting round places in London that I’d never been to before and get myself lost. So on that note I went back to the studios and felt embarrassed when telling them I came home without finding it. I guess you can say that they gave me a job and I didn’t complete it, however I had to ring them a couple of times for directions, my phone had died so I couldn’t find my own directions and I didn’t want to be walking around for hours when I had no idea where I was.

Working at Waterloo Film Studios has been a great experience. I feel as though I have learnt a lot from it and although I can’t exactly say what area of production I want to go into, it has helped me realise the way in which studios work and will be something that I will be able to take with me through my career path. I have learnt about pencil booking systems, lots about lighting and different equipment, about editing techniques, how to answer and transfer phone calls efficiently (finally) and I think what will be most beneficial to me in the future is running on a Wall to Wall shoot. There wasn’t one point where I thought they were taking advantage of me as the ‘work experience girl’, every one was so friendly and I truly believe that they tried their hardest to make sure my experience was the best that they could give me.


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