Waterloo Film studios- Day Eight

When I arrived today I was back to my original first week routine, sitting on reception for the first hour just sitting and waiting for the phone to ring. It didn’t really, until Pearl walked in and sat down.
For the morning I helped Eamon repaint over the studio from yesterday as it needed a lot more coats than he had originally anticipated. My overalls were back on and I was still struggling with the infinity line. It didn’t take too long at all for us to paint the walls and by the time we had finished it was lunch time!
After lunch I helped one of the gaffers put lights on the rigging. Well, I say I helped him, I pretty much just held the bottom of the ladder and helped lift things out of boxes. It was intriguing to see that he had a lighting plan. For some reason at that point, I wouldn’t have thought this would happen. Maybe this is me being stuck in the student ways, but I couldn’t imagine how he had produced a lighting plan without having to play around with the lights first. I guess when you love your job like he does then you’re really good at it. Something that  I have learnt so far from almost every shoot is how organised people are. Because the studios and equipment cost big money to rent out, as does the crew and actors, no one looks uninterested like I would find at uni. No one wants to rush and get it over with because they’re bored, no one gazes into the distance and everyone is so on the ball, organised and fully engaged with their own jobs. From witnessing this it had become even clearer how much more planned and scheduled professional shoots are.
For the last hour I had to venture out again to a camera rental company, this time a different one that I had to get on the underground to. It was quite a way but I enjoyed walking round London in search of it. Seeing where the rental places are and how much you wouldn’t expect them to be full of millions of pounds worth of equipment was strange, but I’m guessing also done on purpose.
I was asked when I got back if I wanted to run again for another shoot, this time one which is much bigger, with a larger crew, and no other runner meaning I would be on my own. At first I was hesitant to agree just because I was so nervous. However, they soon got me realising that it would be such a good opportunity for me, and another thing to add onto my CV since being there. So, I agreed and now I am both extremely nervous yet excited for tomorrow.

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