Waterloo Film Studios- Day Seven

I arrived at the studio today and was hoping for something a little more exciting.
I got in at 8am as usual, and nobody had anything for me to do for an hour, so I was floating around and seeing if anybody needed help with whatever they were doing. I didn’t have much luck and so went back to the office, which again seemed quite panicked. They asked me if I could go and collect something from one of their equipment rental companies and I was more than happy to. I left, and within an hour I was back at the studio accompanied with a screen for a RED camera.
I came back and sat on reception for the rest of the morning until lunch. Finally I can use the phones properly without cutting people off! I’m not sure why I always panic when on the phone, especially when I’m having to transfer to somebody I don’t know, however as the days go on my telephone manners are definitely improving. I’m not sure if manners is the right word, as I am never rude to people. Anyway, I’m getting better on the phones and aren’t getting told off anymore.
After a long and boring lunch I helped Eamon again to paint studio one, the biggest one. It was originally bright green and needed painting back to white, which meant lots of coats, lots of paint on my shoes and lots of time to dry. I definitely built some muscles this afternoon trying to get the roller over the infinity line in the studio!
Another day passed when not much interesting happened. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still loving it here. I just sometimes with they were a bit busier so there was a lot for me to do. I would rather be rushed off my feet all day than waiting for something to do. That’s definitely something that has changed since being at Waterloo, I can tell I like it there as I constantly want to be busy.

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