Waterloo Film Studios- Day 6

It was back to the dreaded Monday morning wakeup call today. Well, it wasn’t so much dreading as I was feeling both excited yet sad that I was starting my second week.

I got to the studio and straight away I had a meeting with the Creative Director from Spectrecom Films upstairs. I had mentioned to the Studio Manager that I had some short film work to complete over the weekend on Friday and he took an interest and after a short conversation we both realised that my group needed some help with developing our idea into something strong. So, to my surprise he had arranged for me to have a meeting this morning! It went really well, he let me pitch my idea and then we spoke about what could be improved, what he would do if it was his film and also a piece of key advice that I think we should try and stick to- that the best short films don’t need much, if not any speech.
After that, I spent the rest of the day working with a couple of people from Spectrecom films. They needed a some ones hands to feature in a rough draft of a video to promote University of East London in the UCAS fair, and they picked me!-Typical. I must say it was quite a task and very uncomfortable. They took stills and video on the green screen background so they could add in animations when editing.
The shoot wasn’t the most exciting and definitely one that I would have made an escape from had they not needed my hands. However, sticking around made me realise that actually the guys filming it weren’t that keen either. But, to be a professional and when professional you have to deal with some bad things in order to get to the good. I.e. I’m sure they have had to film lots of boring stuff in the past, which filming videos that are fun will make up for.
That’s all I did today, really not the most exciting but I learnt how to be a part-time hand model and also that however much you dislike filming something, you must persist and stick with it to get the best results you can.

Here is the finished video, below.

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