Waterloo Film Studios- Day Five

It’s the end of the week and I can truly say that it has been an amazing week and I can’t wait to return on Monday!
Today I spent the day in the editing room as requested in my welcome meeting which was very nice of them to organise for me! I spent the day Kieran who was editing some footage together from a behind the scenes shoot at the Six Nations sponsored by BMW. He had attached a Go Pro to a remote control camera and drove it round the sets of photo shoots and different filming throughout the day.
He was editing on Premiere Pro and as I already know the basics there wasn’t much he could teach me for a while whilst he was searching through the footage picking what was and wasn’t useful for him. It was interesting seeing our different opinions on what was good footage and what wasn’t and after a while I could see the pattern in which he was working in. I just suggesting to keep almost every clip that I thought was good, however he was already piecing the different clips in his head and putting them in some sort of order. He segmented the different parts of the video by colour coding them to help him remember which part of the video was to go with what and almost split the one minute video into scenes.
I think the most helpful thing that I learnt was to do with keeping the editing in a rhythm. I had always known that editing must have a rhythm, but learning such a simple tip will forever help my editing technique. When editing and cutting clips to music, you should always look at the soundwaves and edit with the rhythm. That may be very basic and simple knowledge when it comes to editing, however I have never heard of it.
Another thing which I think I will always find useful is advice about the sorts of music to pick. When looking for royalty free, he suggested to always look for songs that you can also download a sting for. A sting means that you can stop the track pretty much anywhere, so if you have a song that lasts for three minutes and a video that lasts for one you can cut it short without it being too abrupt.
I also learnt a couple of short cuts which will come in handy, but as pressing Alt whilst dragging a clip copies it, pressing ctrl to snap clips together and to get a cross fade quickly, right click at the end of a clip and choose ‘default transition’.
I have always noticed the pen tool on premiere and have always wondered what it can be used for- but after today, now I know! It can be used to smooth transitions and speed out, so instead of cutting a clip and changing the little pieces of speed like I would, you can use the pen tool to create a curve so nothing is too sudden, and this also works the same with transitions.
After spending the whole day sat in front of a bright computer in a dull lit room killed my eyes, but it was worth it for the amount I learnt. Even if to others it may have been helpless, it has definitely made my editing skills a little stronger and I have learnt the lesson that it’s all just trial and error.

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