Waterloo Film Studios- Day Four

My fourth day and it’s almost the end of the week, which means I can nearly get a lay in!
It’s became clear that my routine by now is sitting on reception for an hour before people start to arrive and luckily it’s never very busy until nine, when it’s my queue to do something else. This morning there seemed to be a bit of a panicked atmosphere because studio one was booked for the afternoon but there was still lighting in there from a shoot the day before. I was happy to help the gaffer put everything away.
As we started packing everything away it soon turned into a lighting master class, and he was encouraging me to ask him questions about anything that I had never used or didn’t know. I felt a bit silly asking lots of questions, but he told me that he would never have learnt everything he has if he hadn’t of asked a million questions a long the way. It was true, though. I wouldn’t have learnt as much as I have today if I hadn’t questioned what I didn’t know.
I learnt about a light that I’d never heard of before called ‘Kinos’. They are a collection of tube lights that are attached to the rigging in the ceiling of the studios to light a larger area than the other lights they have. Apart from that, I didn’t learn much about the actual lights but more about different techniques and what you use to get them. For example, something really simple that I had never been taught or thought about is using a black sheet to absorb light, like the opposite of using white to reflect. Some very simple things they have in the studio for this is a ‘poly board’, simply a huge polystyrene sheet left white one side and painted matte black the other and a ‘floppy board’ which is pretty much just a black material flag on a stand to soak up any excess light.
I also learnt about gels on lights and one that is going to be extremely helpful when filming my short film in another module is using what they call a ‘differ’, which is a frosted gel over a light just to make the light less harsh.
After lunch I helped Eamon the care taker to repaint one of the floors in the studio that had suffered with huge scuffing and paint being pulled up by the tape on the floor. I had to put my overalls on again and after a couple of hours painting I was absolutely knackered with blisters all over my palms and was well and truly ready to go home!

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