Waterloo Film Studios- Day Three

It’s only my third day in and travelling to work this morning, I was absolutely shattered- I’m not sure how people manage to do this all year round, I have just about managed to hack three days so far!

This morning I was sat back on reception for an hour waiting for the receptionist to arrive. Luckily, it wasn’t too busy and although I did get a little embarrassed when mixing up some of the staff from upstairs with clients, it was an easy breeze. When Pearl the receptionist came in, I went to the office to get given a job. Everyone was having a bit of a panic because one of the shoots had paid to hire out some green cubes with their studio which the company I ran for the day before were using without permission and without anyone’s knowledge, until this morning. That meant that I had to get some overalls on, hunt down two wooden cubes and paint them bright green for the shoot waiting to use them.
It then became clear to me that I was probably the only person working in the studios that actually worked on shoots in the studios. The studio managers are constantly receiving phone calls and when sitting in the office I noticed that they were trying to sell their services to potential clients and after almost every phone call pencilling in clients for dates as close as Friday but also as far away as June. Their job is very much customer based, trying to confirm any interest in the studios that they have from people calling and e-mailing but also dealing with queries from people on shoots, charging people for their time in the studio and liaising with equipment rental companies.
After painting the boxes, I had to sit on reception with Pearl for the rest of the morning to learn how to use the phones properly. (I’m slightly embarrassed that they don’t believe in my ability to use the telephone after my panicky performance on Monday accidentally hanging up on people and transferring to the wrong people). It was a slow couple of hours, Pearl was keeping me great company but there was only so much time I could be entertained before wondering why I wasn’t doing something more exciting.
Whilst Pearl was on her lunch, I had to make signs for the green rooms, wardrobes and studios for the following day shoots that are in tomorrow. I hadn’t heard of any of them, but it was interesting Googling them whilst on reception to find out what they did.
After lunch I filled in more invoices, took them upstairs to accounts and stood in the editing room for a while watching a number of different films that had been made by Spectrecom the last couple of weeks. It was interesting seeing the diversity of the projects they are commissioned to make from University films to House of Fraser adverts.
There wasn’t much to do today and the studio manager informed me that the rest of the week would be quiet and I may not have much to do. Today I felt as though there were points where they may have thought I was being lazy as I literally had nothing to do. I didn’t want to wander round and interfere with any of the shoots or anyone that was busy doing what they were doing. As much as I probably should have been bored, I surprisingly wasn’t. I find it exciting being in a film making environment, even if I am just sitting on reception or filling out invoices.

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