Idea Pitch

Above is my pitch for my installation piece I plan to do about male self confidence and image.
The main point in the pitch is to get across my idea as precisely and efficiently as possible. Although the images and sound aren’t very strong, I think that I have put across the right amount of information and statistics to not only back up my pitch and idea but to also that it relate to current times.
Using a number of different techniques and influence from artists in the past, both video art and installation will help me to think of an idea that eventually is developed enough to call ‘innovative’. However much we have been told in the past that ‘everything has been done before and you will never think of a brand new idea’, I would like to think that the fact I am bringing myself out of my comfort zone and into the world of video art and installation, this is innovative in itself.
My idea is all about pushing the boundaries of perception on mens self image and trying to prove the majority wrong that think only women have insecurities.

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