Securing Work Experience

Only a week ago, I signed up to the job and opportunity website ‘Mandy’. After spending ages trawling through the endless pages of jobs and the odd work experience placement, I applied for a couple. Some were helping different freelancers out from stills photographers and video makers and some within companies- one being Waterloo Film Studios.

After applying for the job at the weekend I had already heard back from the company by the Thursday and they were interested in having a phone call to go over what exactly it was that I could potentially be doing.

From the second the phone rang I found myself having to engage in the conversation in a much more professional manner. It didn’t really help that at the time I wasn’t at home and was infact shopping with a couple of friends, but I didn’t want to suggest calling back at a more convenient time as it may have made me seem uninterested. They went over what the two weeks would entail, what exactly the studio do and my availability. Seeing as my availability was quite limited and would mean me starting the next Monday, I felt over the moon when they agreed for me to start then.

However, from this being such short notice, it meant that I had to get things sorted quickly including travel and accommodation and the correct procedures for this module. Finding work experience on such short notice so far has felt more exciting than daunting as everything seems to be moving so quickly. Hopefully by the time Monday comes I will still think the same way.

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