Final Idea

The final idea at this point for my work is to ask a number of males what they dislike about themselves. This isn’t to influence and put a positive light on not being confident, but to try and steer away the stereotype of women being the only ones that are self conscious or have low self esteem. Another aim is to make men feel more open to talk about their insecurities and to make it a known problem.

I plan to also dub the voices of each participant, which will add a sense of anonymity so they will hopefully feel more comfortable partaking. I would like to place a camera in a room with only the person I am interviewing, press record and leave the room. This again could make him feel more open and under less pressure to say what people want to hear, or not voice what he doesn’t want people to hear.

I plan to exhibit in projected hugely onto a wall, which will give the feeling of being belittled when you’re viewing the piece. This will bring back the power and authority of the people in the video that men crave but also make onlookers seem tiny, thus feeling uncomfortable about them hearing people talk badly of themselves.

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