My Installation Research

Finding other artists that may have done the same or similar work is something that will help me intensely, not only giving me inspiration, but keeping in mind the brief of this module- to find something that has never been done before. Finding out how others will have approached the topic of self esteem, body confidence and identity will help me to find new ways of doing so, but also understand what made their different approaches effective.

Gillian Wearing is the first who used the same idea that I have of dubbing voices. In the video below called ‘2 into 1’, she uses two twin boys talking about their mother and visa versa and dubbing their voices. This gives the impression that the twin boys are talking about themselves but in fact they are voicing their mothers words on them, and the mother is voicing what her sons said about her. The point in the piece is how the mother talks of her unconditional love for the children and insecurities she has, where as the boys talk about the bad points in her (such as she goes to clubs too much, or drives too slow). I think this sound dubbing switches the authority roles, or at least questions it within this relationship.

Within my piece, I may try and use sound dubbing to make the video and answers seem anonymous but also to give people participating within my project more confidence in being able to say what they want really feel when they know that people who may be watching the exhibition won’t know exactly what answer it was that they gave.

Barbara Krugar is another artist who focuses her work on body image, with pieces like these below. Her work is mainly about feminismlike_us and individual autonomy and desire. She layers and collages popular magazine images with aggressive text and slogans which makes the audience feel as though they’re battling for power.

There are countless amounts of artists that have tackled the issue of self esteem, especially those in women. I have a few favourites, and ones that have been widely known within the media recently.

Firstly, the Dove advert, where an FBI sketch artist draws women how they describe themselves, and how a stranger describes them. They then compare images at the end, showing how badly woman see themselves.

Another, where an a1rtist placed a strip of tape half way down a number of womens faces and using very heavy makeup she changes one half of their face dramatically and all the women talk about how the feel inadequate when looking at all the models in magazines and on television.

All of these artists seem as though they are trying to build up the main point and stereotype of women having self esteem issues. The horrific fact that only 4% of women worldwide consider themselves as beautiful shows that this is a problem that needs to be repetitively tackled. However, looking at this module and how I have to create something innovative, we don’t often hear men talking about their insecurities and neither do we see much artwork which looks at this area. This means that from here, my idea has changed from asking people what they like about themselves into what males don’t like about themselves.


Collins, C (2012) An Artistic Experiment Exploring Self Image and Beauty in Society Using Tape, Make-up and a Camera [online] available from <; [February 2 2014]


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