Creating a mood board for our Short Film

This week, I was left with the task of creating a mood board for the film. We came away from our production meeting feeling full with ideas and still not a finalised idea written on paper. From then, we’ve come a long way and have decided the final storyline for the film, and one which we are all pleased with.

For me to create a mood board is quite important, as it gives the group and our possible audience a feel for what the film will be like visually and stylistically. We soon became fond of the idea of using a monologue style, especially myself after watching ‘About a Girl’ in our first Short Film lecture. The idea of the character going through a journey within the film is one that is interesting, and the character connecting with the audience especially on a subject where he’s lonely and waiting for his son makes it seem more intimate and personal. We were given the suggestion to watch the monologue films of Alan Bennet who’s style is unique and inspirational. Building from this and the narrative, I have produced the mood board below.


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