Development of Video Art Installation

From my initial three ideas, my video art installation is the one that I feel is the strongest and can be developed the most.

I want to ask people what they like about themselves, either their body image or their personality. I feel that this instantly will put them in a situation they feel awkward and uncomfortable about. This provokes the question: why should people feel ashamed to express what they like about themselves rather than what they don’t? It seems that in society we find it so much easier to put a negative stigma on ourselves, with our bodies and image in the fear of being called ‘big headed’ and ‘too self absorbed’.

One thing that I have to bear in mind when thinking in depth about the final outcome of this installation is that it has to be visually striking and grab the attention of the audience at that moment in time. I have to make sure it doesn’t have a building up narrative, as people won’t stay to watch the whole of the video, neither will they necessarily start watching from the beginning.

I have thought about a number of different ways of filming the video art and what look I want it to have.

One idea that I had is making the subjects anonymous in a way that isn’t silhouettes and distorted voices. I thought it would be interesting to have people talk about themselves, but also in another meeting, I would ask them to read out what other people have said, this meaning that I will tumblr_m42mi9cZp91rq7ecxo1_r1_1280be able to switch voices when editing.

Another, is using an overhead projector to project the quotes of what people have said about themselves onto themselves. This would take away the speech element, thus wouldn’t interrupt any other exhibitions but also wouldn’t force people to speak what they think. This may mean that I will get more honest answers from people if they only have to write them.

Lastly, I thought something less obvious and suggestive may work well, such as a red line being drawn over relevant places on people’s body that they are saying they like. The colour red I think could work well, with it having the same connotations for love and hate. Something which I would do in the editing stage is turn down the saturation, so the red stands out more against the different skin tones.

My next step is to do some secondary research through the internet on other video artists that have tackled the issue of self esteem and body image and how they managed to do this successfully which will hopefully help me to develop this idea to a final outcome.

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