My 10 Ideas

Our task this week was to compile a list of 10 ideas that relate to the theme of ‘Things we Forgot to Remember’. As thinking of film ideas isn’t one of my strongest points, I tried to use the approaches we were taught in our tutorials to the best of my ability. One that I found particularly helpful was finding article’s in a newspaper. Below, is a list of my ideas along with anything that inspired/triggered them.

Image1. A man has a child at a young age and abandons the mother and his son. His son always carries round a photograph of him in his wallet in the hope that he’ll find his father. One day, he see’s who he thinks is his dad from a distance getting onto a bus. He runs after him shouting his name, but his Dad doesn’t hear him as he’s turned deaf in his old age and couldn’t even hear a pin drop. Even though they both cross paths, who would have thought that it would never end up the way they anticipated it to?

A Boots advert about hearing aid’s helped me to think of this idea. I’ve always found these sorts of stories interesting, as people sometimes take for granted things that we don’t all have.

2. A monologue of a character which seems like them making a confession to a serious crime they’ve committed. However, there’s one small detail they forget to mention until the end of the film, which then flips the story on it’s head and sees them as the innocent party.
Although this idea is very vague, I think that with the right theme it could work well. E.g. They describe what sounds like them setting a house on fire, however they were inside the house.

3. An angelic young teenage girlScan4 who falls in love with a monstrous criminal. His sweet talk wins her over and makes her turn her back on her family and friends to travel the length and breath of the UK committing petty crimes to keep up his reputation.
This was influenced by the article to the side, as it seemed that the victim forgot that he could be dealing with dangerous people, much like the young girl in my idea.

Scan4. A mother forgets to collect her son from school and in a panicked state she starts to drive carelessly to pick him up. Her son starts walking home on his own, worried that his mother hasn’t picked him up. She’s driving too fast and without paying any attention she hits a small child. She stumbles out the car in shock and looks down at the small boy crushed by the impact.. who was her son.
A collision that makes an impact close to home.

5. A superstition I have heard about many times where soldiers would think that they would get shot or killed if they lit three cigarettes with the same match.
Three young men walking down the street reminiscing what it must have been like to serve in WW1. They all stop to light their cigarettes with the same match which has unthinkable consequences when they get caught up in a fight walking round the corner and one of them gets shot.

6. An actor who has insomnia and puts himself under incredible amounts of stress. He can’t learn his lines for the film he’s staring in and is developing a short temper. During rehearsals he’s practising a scene where he gets aggressive towards his co-star. Instead of pretending to strangle him as the film goes, he does it for real although unintentionally.

7. A man who has a job where he constantly travels to two different locations where he’s built up completely different lives for himself in each city. He feels the need to live up to other people’s expectations in one city, but in the other he’s the one that people want to impress.

Scan38A homeless guy who makes the most out of what he’s got, sitting in deck chairs in roundabouts, doing odd jobs for cafe and shop owners to earn himself money, food and hot drinks. He gets friendly with a cafe owner who he tells his story that he lost his children and wife in a terrible car accident. He tells him that he’s got loads of money in the bank but they wont let him touch it. He goes to the bank with the homeless man and it’s revealed that he does have loads of money. There’s then a picture of them both a couple of weeks later on a yacht in the Bahamas.
Based on a true story that I have been told by my family growing up, this advert in the paper triggered my memory of this story. I think what people forget to remember here is that he was content with his life before he had all the money he could ask for.

8. A lady receives the awful news that she has a terminal illness. She pushes her family and friends away and feels the need to spend every last penny she has in the desperate plea to make herself happy before she passes. However, the doctors find a cure for it and she gets better. She goes back to her friends and family who are pleased she’s better, but she forgot how she had treated them when they most wanted to help.


9. A couple stay in a B&B and come across a briefcase full of money under the bed. Will they come into great consequences if they ‘forget’ to tell the B&B owners?

Influenced by a photograph took by myself of a B&B.


10. A young boy who served in the war and survived is too scared to back to his family because he’s ashamed of the person he’s become and don’t think his family would be proud on him because of all the people he’s killed for the country. So, he finds an empty garage and sets up a home for himself in it, until his family realise that he’s not missing like they thought he was but just hiding away from them.
Influenced by a picture I took of a graffitied garage.

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