Three Ideas

Coming away from our first lecture back after Christmas, I couldn’t help but feel uninspired and disappointed at the second half of the 260MC module. After repeatedly being told all the way through last year that you will never come up with new ideas as everything has been done before, I didn’t feel best pleased or confident in the idea that I had to come up with three pitches for three brand new and innovative ideas.

Taking a couple more looks over the brief, I began to feel more encouraged with where I could go with three ideas. Here are my ideas explained:

1.What Can I Cook?- Remember the old TV programme ‘Ready Steady Cook’ where the contestants would come in with a bag of food and the chefs would have to make something just from those ingredients? Imagine this, but in an app for students who are clueless about cooking. They would input into the app what food they have to use to prepare themselves a meal, and the app would provide them with cheap and relevant meals to make.

2.Video Art Installation- Focusing on body image and confidence I want to make a video art and installation where I will ask people what they love about themselves. I want to concentrate on the fact that society has built up the need for people to feel negatively about themselves. I feel asking people this question would make them feel uncomfortable- but why should it? How exactly I will compose this video art I am unsure as I need to do some research on such artists to give me some help and to open my imagination. At this stage, I would it to be heavily influenced by light.

3. An app that helps people struggling to think of ideas about short films. The idea generator will give three words to make up a sentence which will/should be enough to trigger some sort of narrative.

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