Shooting Script of ‘At This Very Point’

Picture Audio
Fade from black. Tracking shot of Patrick walking through the church. Peaceful and content. Sound of footsteps. Ambience.
Cut to different shots of the church’s artefacts. Stain glass windows, wooden carvings. Establishing the area and what kind of place we are in. Clip from interview of Patrick telling a fable which relates to how he lives his life. “Happiness is fleeting”
Cut to shot sliding across to reveal Patrick sitting down looking reflective. Focus pull from some flowers onto other areas of the church. Sound from interview with Patrick “Music is a form of worship”
Extreme close up of Patricks face which then cuts to mid shot. See him laughing representing his happiness. Patrick explains what it’s like to be his own boss and why it makes him so happy.
Long shot looking up to the ceiling which pans round to see Patrick sitting down. Ambience.
Medium close up shot from behind Patrick looking up at stain glass windows. Moving a little, showing his energy. Explains that he is a busker and how it changed his life.
Change of location. Outside to where Patrick normally busks. Extreme close up of mouth singing into mic. Another extreme close up of his bag where he collects the money. ECU of hand playing guitar. Quiet diegetic audio. Patrick explains how he likes making people happy, it makes him happy.
Soft Pan out to see Patrick busking in full. Shots of crowd faces, showing happiness and making them smile. Patrick smiling with his guitar. Fade to black.

“You only live until this very moment. You have ever breathes to be here right now.

Above is the shooting script that we make to enable us to have a smooth and easy shoot. Having everything planned before hand definitely made the filming quicker as we all already had an idea in our head of what we wanted, even if it did change slightly when we got to location.

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