Documentary Treatment- The Great Alfredo

In our documentary we want to convey Patrick the busker/ “The Great Alfredo” as a musician who is his own boss, rather than the Coventry city centre busker.

Scene 1- Montage

The first 30 seconds will be in Patrick’s house with a montage of closeups of him getting ready to go to work. This will include a close up of a clock with the time being around midday emphasise his point when he talks about enjoying being his own boss. Voiceover of his interview explaining that he’s a musician and works for himself, but doesn’t give the audience any idea that he’s a busker. As well as his interview, we hear him playing guitar.

Scene 2-Favourite Place
Patrick at his most comfortable with him sitting in his favourite place. A sit down interview including a few cut aways. The audience still don’t know that he is a busker. The guitar still plays over the documentary and visuals. We try to bring him fully out of his shell, showing his outgoing and fun side. We plan to make our shots artistic to reflect him being an artist in music.

Scene 3- Walking to work
We show close ups of Patrick walking to work, which still leaves the audience in mystery. Close ups of his feet, guitar and shoulders for instance, trying to keep the background out of focus. He talks about his experiences as a busker, what introduced him to it, but again, without him letting on to the audience. The last 30 seconds of the film, the audience discover his job.

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One Response to Documentary Treatment- The Great Alfredo

  1. Ken Fero says:

    Quite basic – would be good to see a script/storyboard? Will chat tomorrow…..

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