Pros and Cons of a Canon 60D

The first obvious difference of DSLR’s and a typical video camera such as a Sony Z5 is the size difference. One does not have to struggle to return the equipment to the loan shop when returning a 60D and neither does your shoulder dislocate from the ridiculous weight of a Z5 in it’s case. Although it’s definitely a positive with a DSLR being lightweight, when using handheld this can prove a problem. A Z5 although being heavier is easier to use handheld as you can prop it on your shoulder to keep it steadier. However, with a 60D a stead ycam would be essential to keep the handheld movements more controlled.

DSLR’s are a lot more affordable and can obviously be used for two different functions, both still image and video. You can create many different looks with a 60D though, as you can easily change lenses to create better depths of field, more detail etc.

A feature that is bad on the 60D’s is the inbuilt audio. Although this hurdle can be worked around by plugging in a separate microphone and a DV pro mixer, this may not always be accessible and easy to take on location when filming. The sound is an important factor to film and if a camera’s built in audio is naturally not up to spec then it can impact the film a lot.


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