One Minute Portrait

The first of our weekly tasks was to create a one minute self portrait. Of course, there had to be obstructions and ours this week were that there would be no sound, no cutting shots in editing (meaning that it all had to be taken in one single shot) and we had to show that we had thought about our work both creatively and technically. My portrait is above.

We had to add a story about ourselves with layers and meaning, without including anything too ‘cliche’. It took me a long time to come up with my idea. I tried to build upon my first idea, but at the same time knowing that I would dismiss it as successful ideas are rarely your first. I looked online for inspiration and found myself starting by looking at still portraits. I liked the idea of using an old style over head projector and building up layers onto me of a place that I find significantly important. However, I developed this idea more and came up with something I thought would be more successful.

In my end piece, I chose to use a combination of layers, timings, lighting and colour to create effect and slight mystery to show the different layers of my personality from being shy and boring when you first meet me to me lightening up when I get to feel comfortable in front of people. My hands first cover my face and the lighting shows them in silhouette. The dullness on screen shows what people may think when they first meet me. I’m shy, reserved, pretty conversation-less and hide my true self because of my flaw where I care too much about what other people think from first impressions. I timed this for half of my video, as I feel this is the longest period of getting to know me and something to be patient with. It’s not that I don’t have an interest in getting to know people, my mind just cuts off.

The second phase of my portrait is me wearing a mask. The colours are still dull with black, white, greys and shades of purple. This shows the next layer of my personality, where you get to know me a little more, but I still hide the more ‘colourful’ and individual parts of my personality -if you like.

The next is where I show my face but I am painted with lots of bright colours. I originally wanted this to be my last shot, but I felt that this still wouldn’t be my true personality and also doesn’t leave the audience with much to think about. Because of this, I got someone to spray water in my face, meaning that the paint wears off and the real me is shown without hiding behind anything.

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