My Thoughts on Sans Soleil

‘Sans Soleil’ directed by Chris Marker is a film that is out of the ordinary for me to watch. On first attempts of watching it I found it quite sombre. The narrator (Alexandra Stewart) seemed to have a monotone voice and matching the imagery with the ‘waffle’ that she seemed to be talking was hard for me to grasp. I found it hard to make sense of the images on screen and the relation to what Stewart was saying. It wasn’t up my street at all and unlike a documentary I had watched before, where the narrator and the story imitates the images you see and what you understand as an audience is a lot easier to take in.

After making myself engage more with the film, I noticed that the narrator wasn’t just ‘waffling’, but was talking sense. She read out letters she was sent from someone travelling around the world in what seemed to be a poetic way. This then became self explanatory with the connection between the imagery and the narration. The letters were talking about his different trips round the world in different continents and countries such as France, Japan, Iceland, Africa and America. It covers the different cultures and walks of life, including television and film production. The documentary has an non linear feel, with narration and images jumping randomly from one continent to the other.

Although the documentary isn’t my cup of tea, it has definitely opened my eyes to other types of documentary rather than the stereotypical type about gypsies, obesity and plastic surgery. If it had been on a subject I was interested in, it’s in a style I would be willing to watch again.



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