Documentary Review- Heroin Holiday in Czech Republic

This documentary from Vice hosted by Thomas Morton shows heroin junkies in Prague travelling to a town where they can collect opium from freshly harvesting poppies for a month. Morton uses the participatory mode where he heavily engages with the subjects, collecting opium with them, smoking an opium laced cigarette and talking to them individually about their addiction.

The colours, music and his light hearted approach towards the documentary makes the stereotypes put upon drug addicts to be insignificant. There is a few cut away shots that I like, but in terms of them being creative and showing imagery they seem to be a bit limited. The approach gives you a completely different view on the addicts and not one that I have experienced from watching documentaries about drug addicts before.

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One Response to Documentary Review- Heroin Holiday in Czech Republic

  1. Ken Fero says:

    Read all the posts good review – but it was not a documentary! The proposal idea is good but you need to focus on how reliable the character is and work on a visual plan. Some good suggestions were made in the seminar worth following through.

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